She Tends to My Garden

A mother’s love is like fertilizer to the soul. It feeds, nurtures and helps you grow. When you see a beautiful garden it is so easy to focus on the green foliage the bloom of the flowers and the moist fresh smell of the soil – all a celebration of God’s beauty. Especially in the sun against the beautiful blue sky. The tender of the garden is often not first in consideration or appreciated. Sometimes overlooked all together. But it takes time, patience, love and skill to create a beautiful garden.

Barabra Hopper has a legacy of love. A very special woman. Dear friend of my mother and mother of my dear friend. She loved her garden. Not just the one in the backyard that blended with the Oakland skyline. She loved her garden – her community, her friends and mostly her family. She left too soon for us. Stolen by a pandemic but not forgotten. You can see her in every flower as much as in her grandchildren’s eyes.

She is missed, loved and appreciated. A Mother’s love never really goes away. It’s there to take care of you and help you tend to your garden.