Thought leadership

Kim Alexis Newton, as a self-proclaimed dream defender, is passionate about helping people and companies meet their full potential. 

When sharing insights through motivating narratives, Kim brings to bear 20+ years of corporate, senior executive, and now Fortune 500 Board experience; an entrepreneurial journey as a 7-figure founder; primary research and solutions focused on the needs of ambitious women; as well as her newfound role as a fine artist . 

Kim crashes her strategy, brand experience and artistry into a storytelling approach that is inspiring, relatable and elicits action in the lives she touches. 

Kim is an exceptional developer of people and teams and has passionately mentored hundreds of leaders. Her authentic leadership style which values intense partnership and visionary communication has inspired colleagues at all levels. She is seasoned non-profit board member–now public board, board member–with nearly 20 years of expertise in the nuances of board governance, stakeholder engagement, and scaling impact through applying transformation principles. 

Kim brings thought leadership on a number of topics including personal leadership, navigating a corporate career for success, values-based leadership, emotional intelligence, and the importance of developing a memorable brand experience–in business and personally. Kim also loves to talk about the Intentional Pause Project, her product and experience platform focused on why the power of pausing is so important to move forward with intention and to live a fulfilled life.


  • The Intentional Pause
  • The Significance of Intentionally Pausing
  • Why Autopilot is Not a Strategy: The Importance of Intention
  • The Emotional Plan: The Secret Ingredient to Not Giving Up
  • Navigating Corporate Environments For Career Success
  • From Overwhelm and Underwhelm to Living a Fulfilled Life
  • Self Leadership and Leading Effective Teams
  • Being Board Ready and Staying Board Relevant
  • The Art of Business and The Business of Art