I believe in creativity, authenticity, growth and beautiful, inspirational things.  My work fuses the human emotional journey with a time-honored tradition. Emotion is the thread that connects all people. I work to create pieces that elicit universally human reactions. Through these sacred sources I find my creative voice to tell impactful visual stories that ignite the spirit. 

I believe we all need a creative outlet and quilting is so steeped in tradition it’s irresistible to me. As a black female, I’m deeply connected to the rich history of quilt making in African-American culture. Quilts told stories of my ancestors’ lives, reflected their dreams, kept their secrets, reflected their hopes, and preserved their aspirations against hardship and obstacles to joy. Quilts even marked paths to freedom. 

I create fiber art that affirms the beauty of the human essence, our experiences, our value and our strength.  I fall in love again every time I make a quilt.

Fine Arts Quilts

Fiber Artist

When I was 22, my paternal grandmother taught me the art of traditional hand quilting.  Years later, I was exposed to a modern approach to quilting and made it my own, bringing myself and my experiences into the storytelling fibers of my pieces. As a black woman, I’m deeply connected to the rich history of quilt making in African-American culture. Quilts told stories of my ancestor’s lives, reflected their hopes and dreams, kept their secrets, and preserved their aspirations for joy in the midst of immense hardship. Quilts even marked paths to freedom. 

Kim Alexis Newton Art Studio Part 1 | 3:55

Early Works

I have to love me, before I love you. 69” x 69”, 2001 – Not for sale Need I really say more? Many people look to others to make them happy. The deepest love comes from within.
It’s OK, 69”x69” 2001 – Not for sale So many of my friends hate to go out alone. This is about having the desire and confidence to go to a party by yourself, and look good doing it.
Speechless, 69”x69” 2001 – Not for sale
He’s a Piece of Work, 69”x69” 2001 – Not for sale Men, are pieces of art. Complex, like us, made of many different fabrics. This suggests how important it is to listen, pay attention and master or learn how to interpret your mate.
Decisions, 71”x76” 2003 – Not for sale This was inspired by a conversation I was having with some of my close girlfriends. Many of us seem to be living life and defining life based on someone else’s theory of what should be. A father, a husband, a mother, a friend. This quilt defines an age old question. Should I do it my way? Read from my own book? Or theirs? Decisions.
I’m Leaving you, 61”x72” 2004 – Not for sale Fear is a liar. She’s walking out on her love affair with this destructive emotion. Like you’d leave a lover who has betrayed you. God wants us to move without that destructive fear in our lives.


“Kim’s artwork is fluid and embodies an unpretentious emotion, allowing the viewer a connection into the lyrical aspect of her creative process.”

Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin, Contemporary Fabric Artist and Independent Curator

“Kimberley’s layered fabric assemblages do not follow rules but explore artistic opportunities. Her warm tangible quilts succeed at the intangible, connecting us through our shared humanity, radiating vitality and touching the heart.”

Brenda Joysmith, Renowned Pastel artist 

“Kim’s art quilts have always taken my breath away – colorful and human.”

Debby Ballard, Art Collector, President & Executive Director The Sprint Foundation.  


For inquires regarding available artwork, commissions, availability or for exhibitions, please reach out directly. Thank you in advance for your interest. 

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