In your solitude you create yourself one dream at a time.

There is power in the pause

I created #theintentionalpauseTM for one purpose – to empower women to follow their dreams using the power of the pause. I want to equip every woman with the partnership and support she needs to pursue her desired life. I give every woman permission – yes permission – to just stop and think.  I want to help women to embrace pausing as a powerful way forward, with intention, to achieve their dreams.

The state of Ambitious Women

I researched almost 400 accomplished women throughout the U.S.: 

  • Women are unapologetically ambitious (91%) 
  • Many women feel overwhelmed personally (81%) and professionally (73%)
  • Many women know they need self-care but feel like they are alone (67/68% respectively)

Only 36% of women are living their dreams.

The Needs & Solution

I learned women like us need 3 things:

1. Permission to pause. Yes, stop. Not for a spa day but to do the hard work of contemplating ideas to move forward with intention. So we can work intelligently towards what we want.

permission IS NOT ONLY granted, I’m TELLing you pausing is actually required.

2. Tools to help 1) Effectively dream and decide what is needed for our own personal fulfillment beyond commitments to our family and career. 2) Craft the personal strategies and practical steps needed to focus on achieving the life we desire. 

Dreams and success don’t just happen.
They require intentional exploration and planning.

3. Strategies to face and move beyond fear. Fear is a powerful emotion we all are battling. The irony is we feed the fear every time we question our own power. 

Fear can be replaced with faith.
We just need to be constantly reminded.

I want to elevate the pause to the place it deserves in our lives. I created #theintentionalpauseTM to help ActifyTM more dreams and want to share the five steps with you.  It’s time for us to be intentional about our future.

First, Create Space

In your solitude you create yourself one dream at a time. You must carve out time and a space in your busy life to unplug and be with your thoughts.  This is foundational to ActifyTM your dreams.

Kim’s 5-step Approach

1 Life audit

Examine your life — your spiritual, physical, intellectual and psychological self.  Evaluate your relationships, how you spend your time, your health, your career, your self-talk, and your mindset. Are you focused and fulfilled?

2 Dream

Why is it that when we become adults we stop dreaming boldly? Your dreams are important and take intentional exploration. So, ask yourself, “what sets your soul on fire?”

3 Activate

Be intentional.  This is when your life audit and dreams collide. What are your goals and action plan? What do you need to prioritize in your life to start moving towards your dreams? More importantly what do you need to give up?

4 Fortify

Yes, you can set goals and lay out a perfect plan – that increases success.  But a huge piece is the emotional plan. What inspiration and motivational scaffolding are you putting in place to fortify yourself when things get tough? What is your plan for turning fear and discouragement into faith and resilience?

5 ActifyTM

That’s right I made up a word! You must activate AND fortify your dreams. What rituals do you need to put in place to help you organize and live your life with your newfound intentions. What quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily pauses should you put in place to make it happen?

I am developing a line of quilts (different from my one-of-a-kind art quilts) to support you through life’s emotional journeys. Each will be a daily warming reminder your dreams are important.  They will create a space for you and will provide you with affirming messages.  They are designed to not only warm your body, but also to fortify your spirit.

My Intentional PauseTM Dream Workbook will guide you in my 5-step approach to activate the change you want in your life while helping you fortify your journey!  Together my quilts and Workbook will get you on the right path to your dreams.

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Photos by My Life Journal, Artem Kovalev, Aidana Khabdesh, and Caique Silva on Unsplash

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