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It’s the leadership we bring today that shapes the future. We must continue to lead this important legacy that our founders envisioned because we are shaping our future. I want this quilt to help strengthen bonds, lift spirits, nourish dreams, inspire courage and ignite our power as individuals and as an organization.

Kim Alexis Newton


Made especially for members of the Links, Incorporated in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary. Never forget to ignite the power within which is further fueled by our shared purpose to shape the future of our community. We are leading a legacy.

  • Made especially for members of The Links, Incorporated.
  • Filled with 180-gsm cotton batting.
  • Prewashed for a supersoft hand feel.
  • Year-round, ideal for warm or cool temperatures.
  • Embroidered touches with reversible design.
  • Hand or Machine wash in cold water. Dry Cleaning Recommended.
  • Cotton bag with button closure for storing.
  • Imported.


Bold color and empowering design

The intergenerational beauty of friendship and service against the backdrop of The Links, Inc. organizational colors make a statement.

Embroidered details

Embroidery enhances the design including the words, jewelry accents and hairstyles

Inspirational Double-sideD messages

Hand-lettered messages that inspire adorn the front and the back of the quilt.

48 reviews for Leading a Legacy – Special Edition

  1. Juanita Cone, MD MPH

    kimalexisnewton is an amazing talented artisan. I am so happy I purchased “Leading a legacy.” It captures your heart. Not only is the quilt first class art, but the cover for the quilt, the gift delivery box, and the words of inspiration inside the box speaks to her passion and creativity.

  2. Angelique Gray

    My quilt is absolutely amazing. I am thrilled at the quality and beautiful artwork.


    Amazing! After I was taken back by the presentation of the quilt delivery mode, the quilts are the epitome of elegance! I felt like my ancestors were speaking to me. I had to wrapped myself inside the quilt for the night. This inspired me to order 2 more quilts one for my mom and sister and they are in awe. My sister says, ” This is the best gift ever”… Thank you Kim.

  4. Phyllis E.Ragsdale

    It is a very beautiful piece of artistic work. The details and purpose of the quilt is outstanding. The fabric is so soft. I really enjoy my quilt! Congratulations & Thank you Kim for using your creative gift to uplift women . Beautiful !

  5. Monica Dash

    Kim, when I first saw the presentation of the quilt I knew then I had to have it. Once I received it, I was choked up. The presentation from the box to the bag to the quilt. Your talent is awesome. Thank you for capturing our history in a warm and sisterly way!

  6. Catrina Jackson

    My quilt is very well made and absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thank you Kim for your beautiful and creative artwork.

  7. Jay W

    This quilt is simply beautiful and made of the highest quality. I can’t wait to receive my sorority’s special edition quilt!

  8. Michaelene Swann James

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the detailed work that was put into this quilt. The presentation of the delivery mode is excellent. I just love my quilt. Thank you so much kimalexisnewton for your amazing talent.

  9. Michaelene Swann James

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the detailed work that was put into this quilt. The presentation of the packaging is excellent. I just love my quilt. Thank you so much kimalexisnewton for your amazing talent.

  10. Barbara Milton King

    The Leading Legacy guilt is gorgeous, brilliant and says family is forever. The texture is smooth, the feel is warm and soft. It looks fabulous on my bed and I love it. Many thanks for your creativity and much success to you, continue your great work! Proud to be counted among your many fans.

  11. Gladys Andrews

    What an awesome piece of art work that I can view and touch everyday. I am so pleased with the purchase and what it represents. Thank you for providing such an amazing piece of art work. I am very pleased with my beautiful purchase.

  12. Kaye Jackson

    The quilt looks exactly as described. It’s soft and cozy to snuggle in while watching TV and the exquisite artistry is a bonus. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  13. Karla Stewart-Tyson

    I am very pleased with this beautiful piece of artistic work. I love the details and purpose of the quilt. The fabric is so soft. I will always remember my late Link Mother as I enjoy my quilt! Thank you for this creative gift.

  14. Angela Nottingham

    What an extraordinary gift of art, inspiration and beauty Link Kim created with the commemorative quilt. It speaks quality and attention to detail. I love my quilt. It’s like a warm hug.

  15. Susan Leigh

    I have always loved and admired Quilt design. This quilt is a work of art and a beautiful way to celebrate The Links, Inc. 75th Anniversary. I am grateful that I could get one and look forward to enjoying it on a chilly day or even hanging in my office. Proud member of Washington (DC) Chapter. Thanks so much for your exquisite work.

  16. Denise Parker

    Kim I can not tell you how much I love this quilt. The bold colors and the quality are second to none. I loved this quilt so much I purchased two so that I could give one to a dear Link sister. When I opened that box my heart was filled with pride for an organization that I love and cherish. You are a true artist…keep up the good work. Your sisters appreciate your work to honor our 75th Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2021❤️

  17. Faye T McKnight

    Kim, I love my quilt. In Florida, we seldom have freezing cold days, but when we do, I can enjoy my beautiful quilt for years to come. I plan to pass it down to one of my daughters. Thanks for the natural beauty!

  18. Link Laura

    Your commitment to excellence is represented in each experience which builds up to actually beholding the quilt itself. The packaging – fabulous and a fest for the eyes! The bag holding the quilt – fantastic, soft, elegant and lovely. The quilt itself – vibrant, affirming, stunningly beautiful! Well done, Link Sister, thank you for the unparalleled unpackaging experience and for a work of art that now warms me to the core of my being!

  19. Link Niki

    I absolutely love this quilt. It’s so beautiful that I decided to share it with my family by hanging it in my home. It make such a wonderful statement and exudes a spirit of love and beauty. Many blessings to you Link Kim, it’s truly a work of art!

  20. Link Skj

    Thank you for this unparalleled and amazingly beautiful
    Legacy Quilt.
    The Legacy Quilt and All of its packaging , inside and out, are “far-reaching”and “star-light-bright” fabulous!
    The Quilt encompasses your unique and highly impressive artisan talent and fabric designer details along with capturing the essence and
    “ Woo-Wicking-Wow” factors of the historical significance and heartfelt messaging of the 75th Legacy Diamond Anniversary.
    Yes, the Legacy Quilt
    “ Shines Like A Diamond” !!!
    The Inner and Outer packaging are also beautifully amazing! The ultra-soft “plush-purr-like ” inner quilt is packaging is so soft. The outer packaging resonates like an opening a “deeply hidden yet superbly preserved historic treasure trove”. Truly a Keepsake for all times! Thank you Link Kim. Continue expressing and sharing your “magic” !!!

  21. Cathy T Williams

    Absolutely beautiful! The experience of opening the box and seeing the care and attention to the packaging details was very special. I look forward to supporting your business . Thank you, Kim.

  22. Beverly Roberts-Atwater, D.O., Ph.D.

    This quilt is breathtakingly beautiful!!!
    It is an exquiste work of talent, tapestry and graciousness with flair!!

  23. Link Anena

    The quilt is beautiful!! Everything, including the quality, the packaging and messaging, met or exceeded all of my expectations. It’s so beautiful, I can’t decide whether to snuggle up in it (as planned) or hang it as a beautiful piece of art.
    Link Kim thanks for sharing your unique gifts with us!

  24. Link Georgia Clark

    After my holiday hospital stay, I came home to a beautiful package containing my beautiful Links 75th Anniversary Quilt. Kim Alexis Newton, my Links Sister, has created a stunning commemorative to Links, which is the most gorgeous piece of soft art I’ve seen to date. As Kim has dedicated much of her work to fundraisers, I hope each person who is a member of a community service organization find these exquisite quilts as a superb piece of artwork and a unique opportunity to give back.

  25. Lynda V. Browne-Kidd

    I LOVE MY QUILT! I was so excited when I got home and my box was waiting for me! The packaging was amazing, so aesthetically pleasing! Everything from the box, to the opening and the reveal of my quilt seemed like a surprise, a very thoughtful surprise. The design elements, craftsmanship and quality are superior. The messaging and images on the quilt is perfect for our 75th Anniversary! I am beyond thrilled that I invested in our commemorative quilt. It’s a keepsake I’ll use and treasure forever. Thank you for the vision of two phenomenal members of The Links, Incorporated, our National President, Dr. Kimberly Jeffries Leonard and Artist Kim Alexis Newton. What an awesome collaboration in “Friendship and Service.”

  26. Pamela Mack

    The quilt is beautiful! I plan on displaying it on my white couch in my family room!

  27. Delores Oliver Calloway

    From the moment that I received the box containing the quilt I was sooo excited. After opening the box the presentation was amazing. From the beautiful message inside the box to the storage bag, everything was class personified. The excitement didn’t end there, when I first saw the quilt I began to take pictures so that I could share this jewel with one of my favorite Link sisters. I am so pleased that I made the decision to purchase this quilt. As I am someone who sews I appreciate the care that went into the making of this quilt. The quality of the stitching is superb and the artwork is representative of our organization. My quilt is proudly displayed in my family room and everyone who sees it compliments it’s beauty.

  28. Marion U.

    Absolutely stunning. The packaging was very beautiful also. I’m so glad I purchased this quilt.

  29. Latonia Knox

    I absolutely love this quilt! It is beautifully made and very soft. The packaging is a keepsake in itself! I was blown away by the presentation of the quilt. You can tell that there is a lot of love and care that goes into this, it is not just another product. Thank you for this heirloom quilt that I hope will be passed on through the generations in my family.

  30. Angela Martin

    This was more than a beautiful quilt, it was spiritual. I love every detail, meaning and symbolism. Money well spent!

  31. Rosella Jones

    Five stars for sure…This quilt is a special special treasure, one I will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you Alexis for bringing it to us.

  32. Dr. Barbara B. Darby

    It is elegant, exquisite and beautiful. Don’t really want to use it as a quilt. Plan to mount it on a wall in my Family Room. Thanks for your artistry!

  33. Evelyn S Davis

    Love the quilt and my DOL and GDOLs do too!

  34. Gerri L McQueen

    I love my special edition quilt. I am so happy that I ordered it when it was first presented because I knew something this exquisite would sell out quickly. Every detail of this quilt from the creative and thoughtful design to the stunning presentation box was carefully planned and executed. The real beauty is not only is the quilt good looking, its soft and comforting when I wrap-up in it. Kim Alexis Newton has put her heart into her quilts and her business. And it shows!

  35. Nicole Smith

    I am absolutely IMPRESSSED! I will treasure this quilt over my lifetime and pass down to my children to pass onto generations to come!

  36. Donna Johnson

    The Links, Incorporated 75th Anniversary gift quilt is beautiful! I want to display it, but I don’t want anyone to use it. The artisanship is outstanding and the presentation box is a keepsake also. I am so glad I purchased the quilt. Thank you

  37. Teresa H. Vincent

    I love this quilt. It is exquisite. The details and colors are beautiful. Of course, as has been stated, the packaging was impressive. Thank you for creating such a lovely product for our organization.

  38. Tawanna Black

    What an amazing quilt. Every detail was carefully considered from design, creation, and presentation. The quilt is a treasured addition and has been an amazing comfort while healing this Winter. So thrilled I ordered this commemorative quilt that carries the lifeblood of our values, gifts, and vibrancy in every stitch.

  39. Virgenia Embrey-Brock

    I was thrilled when I received the beautiful box and the wonderful packaging. The quilt is beautiful and I love it! Excellent workmanship! Thank you for this wonderful 75th Anniversary keepsake.

  40. Marcia Thomas

    Outstanding!! Quilt is presently hanging on the bannister cat-way over our living and dining room area and it looks amazing. Hoping to find a non-destructive quilt hanger so I can hang on the wall. This quilt will not be used as anyone’s bedding. 🙂

  41. Florence Shelton-Clark

    Amazingly excellent!!!

  42. Jacqueline

    Lovely quilt. The detail and quality are exceptional! I’m so glad I purchased one!

  43. Kaye McKendrick

    Oh, how I love my Links anniversary quilt! It is both beautiful and functions perfectly to keep me comfortable.

  44. P.Brodie Designs ~ Pamela Brodie

    Exceptional & Profound. My 75th., Anniversary Legacy Quilt left such an impact on me………I turned around and purchased another for my daughter……..You Are Precious, Able & So Worthy. If this does not overwhelmingly let my Sister Kim know I LOVE her quilts…… then my name is not Pamela!! Oh yes……I also purchased another 75th Anniversary Legacy quilt for my mother who resides in SC and she will receive it for Mother’s Day or her birthday in October 2022. I cannot just ship it to her but I will present the quilt to her! The quilt means that much. Thank you, Kim, your quilts are EXTRAORDINARY pieces of LOVE & ART. PB💚🤍

  45. Link Sharon Johnson

    I love my 75th Anniversary Legacy Quilt, what an excellent way to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee. It is simple gorgeous. The weight is so very comfortable, and it has such lovely artistry. My favorite design on the quilt is how it depicts the wonderful stages of life and the beautiful hues of our extraordinary black sisters. This quilt is truly designed “to fortify your spirit”. Thank you, Kim.

  46. Chanta Haywood

    This quilt warms my home and heart!

  47. Koren Paul

    My Leading a Legacy quilt is an exquisite piece of art that I will treasure forever. From the beautiful packaging to the artistic detail and warmth of the quilt, I am totally satisfied!

  48. Sandra Pelham, Ed.D.

    This quilt is beautiful! The experience of unboxing the lovely and detailed packaging was exhilarating! I couldn’t wait to see it! It is so aesthetically pleasing and well made, it took my breath away! Love, love, love it! Thank you!

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