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Kim Alexis Newton


Inspired by my one-of-a-kind art quilts, I have made it easy to give a truly meaningful gift with my produced line handcrafted gift quilts.

Each created with the finest care and materials so they can be cherished forever. Ready to gift with premium packaging to ensure an experience they will never forget.

NOTE: Please note that there are limited quantities available. Ordering immediately when stock is available is advised. Right now, all gift quilts are in stock and ship within 24 hours. FREE SHIPPING assumes ground. Overnight and 2-Day options are available. Once a quilt is sold out preordering will help ensure you will get a quilt as soon as we are in stock. When preordering an ESTIMATED delivery time is given. These items are handcrafted and due to COVID delivery times have been extended in some cases even further than normal. These quilts are imported, very special and take time to create. When preordering is active I will do my very best to keep you updated and appreciate your patience.


As timeless gifts for family, friends and yourself, my gift quilts are daily warming reminders of love, encouragement and comfort. Each quilt is specially designed to literally and emotionally cover someone you care about through life’s emotional journeys.

When I say, ‘Covered ,’ I mean covered with good intentions. Covered with loving support, affirming positivity and tender devotion.  And of course, covered with a reassuring warmth that eases life’s difficult moments. Stay covered. 


I created this first collection of quilts to highlight the beauty that every woman possesses, in her own way. When a woman looks at her quilt, I want her to be reminded not only of her unique outer beauty, but the regalness that comes from within. There’s a fabulous queen within each of us no matter her circumstance who deserves a daily warming reminder of her worth and that she has all she needs to conquer her wildest dreams.  


A soft warming gift quilt is perfect for those quiet moments, in solitude, when we do the hard work of dreaming, reflecting, healing, deciding and motivating ourselves. Each one not only warms the body, but also fortifies the spirit.


“I love my quilt! It is incredibly beautiful and I bought it for the words. It is so soft! Softer than I expected. Perfect way to encourage myself in 2021. I think it is now my favorite blanket to cuddle up with.”

Early owner of the Precious Quilt, Kelly Keith

“I gave this to my girlfriend who was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted her to know how strong I think she is. She loves it and said she thinks of me every time she sees it.”

early owner of the Brave Quilt, sasha bailey

“I loved the message and gave it to my daughter . I want her to always remember that I believe in her and she should always dream.”

early owner of the Solitude quilt, Michele Grimes


To reflect the beauty of the human essence — the experiences, the value, the strength and the stories we all share on the journeys of our lives.

I want to create high-quality, specialty quilts to help strengthen bonds, lift spirits, nourish dreams, inspire courage, restore hope, comfort hearts, and heal emotional wounds.

And I am just getting started.

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Nominate someone to win a gift quilt who could use a comforting, inspiring pick-me-up.

What’s Your quilt story?

Do you have a quilt story to share? Have you wrapped up in one of my quilts, or given one to someone you love? Do you have a special family story? Would love to hear it!

What would you like to see on an quilt?

What would you love to see on a gift quilt? Daily inspiration, encouragement, affirmation, support through a tough time? What does that look like to you? Share your vision!


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