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Amplify Honoree: Tiffani Kintchen

Tiffani (right) with her daughter Sanai and Mom Helen

I believe quilts are magical, and can be extraordinary spiritual tools for inspiration, growth and comfort in our lives. They tell stories that speak to each of our hearts in different ways; they’re infused with meaning, and created with love. When we wrap up in a special quilt, we can’t help but feel surrounded by the support of who created it,  the care of who has gifted it to us or the love of treating ourselves to something special.  We create a legacy of that love and support as we pass it down through the generations.  

I developed the Amplify program to give others the chance to honor someone who could benefit from the daily warming reminder of one of my gift quilts, whether it be during a tough time they’re walking through, or a triumph they’ve experienced. Plus…I just love giving gifts!

When I asked people to nominate someone they felt was deserving of a free quilt, every story I received touched my heart. Stories of courage, resilience, selflessness – there are some incredible souls out there, and I’m honored to have gotten to know such an amazing group of people. I will keep all of those thoughtful nominations for future consideration. 

But of all the nominations for my first Amplify quilt honoree, I was struck most by the one from Sanai, a 17-year-old young woman who shared the story of her mother, Tiffani. 

She wrote: “My mother is a breast cancer survivor and has been fighting Stage 4 colon cancer for two years. She is one of the most positive and supportive people you will ever meet…”

I couldn’t agree more. Tiffani has been open and transparent about the grueling struggles of her cancer journey, sharing her story online along the way to help her keep the faith and inspire others.  With everything going on she has never stopped wildly supporting those around her.  Her indomitable spirit is contagious, and she continues to beat the odds, refusing to give in to negativity and discouragement. She writes: “Learning to be Tiffani with cancer has been a challenge. Cancer comes with a catalog of losses that changes everything mentally, physically, and emotionally…My cancer was so evasive, I was told the average life span was two years. GUESS WHO turned 2 today? Me…the designated Cancer Thriver.”

Tiffani and her daughter Sanai

What an inspiring soul! I’ve been privileged to witness Tiffani’s courage and determination to beat the odds through the years as she chooses faith over fear, day after day. While I don’t need to know my Amplify recipients personally, I did choose Tiffani because of her thoughtfulness of others, resilience and positivity, despite her challenge. This is why I think her daughter, Sanai, picked the quilt that features my powerful quote: “I remember the day I walked away from fear. God was happy and so was I.” She said that her mom has made it this far through her unwavering faith, and she has inspired Sanai to be a strong woman through her example. 

Watching Tiffani open her quilt was an indescribable gift, especially knowing that she is someone who is literally always thinking of other people. What a joy to see that selflessness  come back to bless her through this gift facilitated by her caring daughter.  There were grateful tears and most importantly, the heartfelt words she spoke when she read the message. “I needed to hear that today.” It’s my hope that the quilt will remind her every day to keep believing, keep fighting, and unconditionally loving herself through the journey ahead. Check out her reveal in the video below.  

Click here if you want to Amplify someone to win a quilt. 

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